Shallow Waters

Not content to stop at the shoreline, or even at the low water mark, we can offer bathymetric and geophysical survey services out to a depth of approximately 30m.

Acquiring data with our in-house Valeport Midas Surveyor echo sounder and our Starfish 450 kHz side scan sonar, we can produce detailed bathymetric plots and seabed topography charts.  All data is logged and processed using the HyPack software suite, and final charting is completed using AutoCAD.  We can also provide electronic charts in S-57 format or as GIS datasets.

Should your project require different equipment, we can easily hire and operate Multi-Beam Echo Sounders, Sub-Bottom Profilers or more.


Typical services that we can offer in shallow waters are:

  • Pre-, Interim- and Post-Dredge surveys (SBES or MBES)
  • Seabed mapping (Side Scan Sonar)
  • Shallow water geophysical surveys (Sub-Bottom Profilers)
  • Pipeline, Cable and Infrastructure inspection (Side Scan Sonar)
  • Grab Sampling


No matter where you are in the UK, we can survey for you, either on a vessel that we charter, or using your vessel (subject to suitability).

East side of Coniston, Cumbria, UK