Health, Safety and the Environment

At Furness Mapping Services we are committed to protecting our staff, and those around us, and ensuring that all works are completed in a safe and efficient manner, with no harm to the environment.  These principles are set out in our corporate vision:


  • Health and Safety – our foremost consideration.  At no time will commercial or any other pressures be allowed precedence over health and safety considerations.  All employees have the absolute right and indeed responsibility to halt operations should they feel that safety, their health, or the wellbeing of others is being compromised, or they need to seek clarification.
  • Environment – at all steps we will seek to perform work in a manner which has the least practicable impact upon our environment.  We will work to develop non-intrusive survey techniques, and will encourage clients to adopt approaches with the minimal environmental impact whilst still achieving the desired results in a timely and realistic manner.
  • Quality – we will endeavour to provide the highest quality survey services that we can.  This approach will be all-encompassing.  Clients will be encouraged to adopt the highest quality approach that best achieves their needs.  Rigorous project preparation will ensure that we are prepared to provide the best possible quality service.  Care and attention to detail throughout all operational phases will ensure that data collected is of the best practicable quality.  Data will be reviewed in a timely manner to ensure that contractual requirements have been satisfied.  The highest standards of quality control and review will be applied to all reporting to ensure that the client receives the highest possible quality deliverables.
  • Security and Confidentiality – at all times, Furness Mapping Services Ltd will respect the clients right to confidentiality and, unless obligated to do so by law, will not publish or otherwise promulgate information about projects undertaken on behalf of clients without the explicit permission of that client.